September 1999 saw PU touring the East coast with Salamander and Overhang Party, as the The Rolling Psychedelic Circus. Touring with good bands is a joy: we saw at least two great shows every night. Overhang Party played a couple shows in the SF bay area after the tour. I snapped a few photos. The two guest musicians are Bret and Doug, of PU.

Our third album was released recently, once again on Camera Obscura. This album is a bit more structured than past efforts, while still being very noisy, guitar heavy psychedelia. Personally, I really like the new material. The album also has more cool artwork by Jason Fairchild.

Here are some photos of PU, ST37, and some other very wacked band, playing at a rather peculiar club in Oakland. ST37 were great. They gave me a copy of Spaceage in return for use of my amp, which was pretty cool of them.

PU's second CD/LP was released on Australia's Camera Obscura label. It features the usual messed-up noises, and artwork by Jason Fairchild.

Primordial Bizaartvark is by Mick Dillingham.
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