This is my adoring wife, Heddi.
Good lord! I must have some good karma.
She has a page about teaching and quilting here.

We live in Santa Cruz, California. Weird place. Beautiful, but weird. We moved here in the spring 1998 from Boston, where I was working on a graduate degree in neuroscience.

Since then I've given up on science as a career option, at least as long as our culture doesn't value science. Meanwhile I've sold my soul to corporate America, and hack code for a big company you've heard of. At least the setting is nice.

I grew up in that state where they still haven't bothered to learn why Darwin is called the father of modern biology. I find it kind of amusing that they've removed evolution from the state curriculum, considering it wasn't really there in the first place. Small wonder why no one on the school board ever learned the theory, or what the word "theory" means.

I escaped as soon as I could, to attend Caltech. Caltech was strange, disturbing, and wonderful.
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