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Podcast Favorites

Podcast Favorites

I love listening to podcasts while I knit, and when the news gets too overwhelming, I listen to them while I drive as well.  I have quite a few I like to keep up with.  Here are some of my favorites!

This first batch of podcasts have a similar format.  They are chatty podcasts with one or two hosts who talk about what they are working on mixed with some advice and/or inspiration and some talk about their non-knitting lives.  All of these have active Ravelry groups so there is a lovely community you can join with each one.

  • The Knitmore Girls is my favorite in this category.  I love how Jasmine and Gigi, a mother-daughter team, mix in lots of advice and wisdom into their podcast.  They do a regular review section, which has enabled me more than once to get some really great books!
  • The Yarniacs were my first podcast because they came to speak at our knitting guild!  I had no idea there were even knitting podcasts before I met them.
  • Prairie Girls Knit and Spin is another favorite.  I always feel the hosts are the alter egos of me and my best friend if we were from Nebraska instead of Kansas!
  • Down Cellar Studio Podcast is a new favorite of mine– Jen lives a very different life than me, but I really enjoy her creative spirit!
  • The Two Knit Lit Chicks host a podcast that is both knitting and book reviews.  Another mother-daughter team that I really enjoy listening to!

This second batch are podcasts with more specific themes and an interview format.  These are podcasts that are more informational and keep me inspired in pursuing knitwear design.

  • Yarn Stories is a new favorite for me.  I’ve been absolutely loving hearing interviews with the many indie dyers and yarn producers and learning more about the yarns I use.
  • Tightly Spun is a new podcast that interviews everyday knitters.  It reminds me how we all have a story to tell about knitting and how it has changed our lives.  (You can find the interview that I did here.)
  • Stitchcraft Marketing focuses on interviews with people in creative industries.  It’s a great resource for anyone trying to make money in the crafting market.
  • The Sweet Georgia Show also has an interview format and goes in seasons.  She has hosted some very interesting guests.

Those are the podcasts I keep cued up right now!  What are your current favorites?