Quilting with Children

A Quilt for Great-grandmother

Gwen writes:

"Two years ago my daughter (a new quilter), her daughters ages 5 and 8 and I (some experience) made a quilt for my mother's Christmas gift. My mother has quilted for many years as did her mother before her. We alternated nine patch block with blocks of a print fabric. The nine patched were in blending colors. The girls used a rotary cutter with our help, sewed on the machine in our laps, and pressed holding our hands in the beginning. With practice they became more independent. We tied the finished quilt because we ran out of time. (We didn't start until after Thanksgiving.)

"We made pictures of each step and had double prints made so a collection accompanied the quilt. My mother has enjoyed the quilt and really enjoyed showing is off. She loves to share the idea that people she quilted for , quilted for her.

"The girls have gone on to try more quilting. They have made doll quilts and have helped plan new quilts for their newly decorated rooms. The 10 year old asked for and got her own sewing machine this Christmas. We can only trust that the love of quilting will carry on even past this generation."

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