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My newer quilts

Here are some pictures of quilts I've made recently.

But baby quilt

Wedding Quilt

completed August 1997
machine pieced, machine appliqued, machine quilted, some hand dyed and bleached fabrics

This is the quilt I made in honor of our wedding. My husband and I lived half a continent apart during our courtship, and I always say this is what happens when you have a lot of pent up emotion! The heart is a mobius strip, so it is never ending. Runes that represented things I wanted for our marriage were quilted into the background of the quilt. It was made purposefully with no right angles on the borders to represent how I hoped our relationship would remain fresh and not ever stuck in a traditional rut. The words are a quote from a song my husband thought best expressed our relationship.

Frogs quilt

Wedding Frogs

completed August 2000
machine pieced, machine appliqued, machine quilted

For friends who got married in 1999, this quilt was a lot of fun to make. The border and blocks were foundation pieced onto freezer paper. The border was made from scraps from the blocks and then cut in waves after being applied to the quilt. The inner border was then drafted to match the outer waves and appliqued on last.

Pinwheel quilt

Pinwheel Quilt

completed October 2000
machine pieced, machine quilted

Made for a friend's new baby. I was inspired by a packet of swirly fabrics and the mom's request for something with pinwheels. After the blocks were made, they were arranged on my design wall and the rest of the black background was custom cut to fit between each block.

I've also been involved in some online quilt challenges.

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