Quilting with Children

Favorite Places Everywhere

Favorite places everywhere

The Story Behind the Quilt

After our success at making our first raffle quilt, my project for the most recent school year was the same. In fact, after seeing the previous year's quilt, my students chose a very similar theme. We brainstormed a list of possible themes and narrowed it down to three. Students were allowed to make arguments for their favorite themes and then we voted by secret ballot. The theme of favorite places won by only one vote over favorite books. We decided this quilt would be different from last year because their favorite place could be anywhere in the world, not just in our county.


How it was Created

Students made picture blocks using Pentel Fabric Crayons and signed them with a Micron Pigma pen. I brought in several layout possibilities and the students picked one where they could each pick their own fabric for the center of their pieced block. I asked what kind of fabrics they wanted and brought in about eighty pieces from my fabric stash at home. Each student picked a fabric and I cut their center piece. After piecing the blocks, the students arranged both the pieced and drawn blocks. We arranged the pictures by geography as much as possible and then put the student's pieced block as close to his or her picture block as possible. We bordered the quilt with flag fabric (the students' choice after seeing the layout) and quick turned and tied the quilt.

Class with Favorite places everywhere

One of the students' mothers won the quilt at the raffle and it brought in a lot of money which will be used toward playground equipment.

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