Quilting with Children

The Millennium quilt

The Story Behind the Quilt

Millennium quilt

This quilt was made my fifth grade class in Soquel, California. I taught half time at Main Street Elementary School during the 1999-2000 school year. My students, like everyone else, had the millennium bug and when it came time to make something for the school's yearly auction, the class voted to make a millennium quilt. One of the students told his mother "not to come home without the quilt!" on the day of the auction. That mother was the highest bidder and was able to drape the quilt over her sleeping son when she got home that night.

How it was Created

Millennium quilt

Each student first made a picture block using Pentel Fabric Crayons that depicted an important event from the last 1000 years. Most students chose events from the last hundred years, wishing to depict important historical events they were familiar with or technological advancements. Everything from inventions to sports records were included.

Millennium quilt

The students then picked the attic windows pattern from several block patterns I suggested for the pieced blocks. The class then chose a color scheme (blue). I was lucky enough to find a Year 2000 fabric for the border. We spent two class sessions hand sewing the attic window sashes to their drawn blocks.Millennium quilt We laid out the finished blocks in the order the events occured, saving the two lower corners for an "About the Quilt" block and a signature block.

I sewed the blocks together on a sewing machine and put a border on. The students tied the quilt.

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