Quilting with Children

Our Favorite Places in Chase County

The Story Behind the Quilt

Chase county

This quilt was created as a raffle quilt for our school carnival. Students brainstormed a list of themes for the quilt and then we narrowed it down to three. Everyone was allowed to suggest the pros and cons of each choice and then we voted by secret ballot. In our district, one elementary school, one middle school, and one high school serve the whole county, so this was an appropriate theme. Some of our students live as much as an hour away from school.

How it was Created

Each student picked a favorite place to draw on a picture block using Pentel Fabric Crayons. Some students needed photos to work with, which we found in local advertisements and at the historical society. I designed several layouts and presented them to the kids for a vote. A few students met with me at the local five and dime to pick fabric. Each student sewed one pieced block. After the pieced blocks were finished, we laid them out on the floor as a framework and arranged and rearranged the picture blocks as a whole class. Students used a combination of color and personal importance of each place to arrange the blocks. This quilt was tied and then a wide binding was stitched around the edges.

The quilt raised the second most money of the three raffle items and was won by a kindergarten student who had purchased only one raffle ticket! She greeted me with a hug every time she saw me for the rest of the year.

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