Quilting with Children

Meena Schaldenbrand's Quilt Project Suggestions and Pictures

Meena contacted me by email and had several great ideas for projects to do with one or more kids!

Below are some of the quilts Meena's daughters have created.

Meena's quilts

Sunbonnet Sue Bride by Amy Schaldenbrand, age 6

Amy added buttons to the bottom and a bell to the top of the bride as well as lace to form the veil.

Meena's quilts

Lisa's Little Girl by Lisa Schaldenbrand, age 8

Favorite white dress worn by both Lisa and her sister, Amy at the age of two is appliqued on.

Meena's quilts

Amy's Christmas Tree by Amy Schaldenbrand, age 8

Handsewn beads and sequins, machine applique

Meena's quilts

Michigan by Lisa Schaldenbrand, age 12

Lisa cut apart a map of Michigan and used it as a template. She fused and zig-zagged around the fabric and quilted in Michigan attractions such as skiing, cherries, and the Mackinac Bridge with a variegated thread.

Meena's quilts

(above) Motown Sundown by Lisa Schaldenbrand, age 14

Lisa blew up a picture of the Detroit skyline on a freezer paper master pattern with a Tracer. The buildings of black and gold fabrics were fused on and straight stitched around. The hand-dyed sky fabric was quilted with opalescent thread. Some of the buildings took over an hour each!

(below) Bonkers, the Guinea Pig by Amy Schaldenbrand, age 12

A photo of Bonkers, the guinea pig, was enlarged and appliqued with zig-zag stitches.

Meena's quilts Meena's quilts

Girl Scout Community Project: Circular Quilt for Safehouse by Girl Scout Troop #243, Plymouth, Michigan

(right) detail of above quilt

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