Quilting with Children

Amy Henbest's Quilt Project Suggestions

Amy shared with me what she has done with her daughter's class....

Amy's quilt

"(My children) have a wonderful teacher who has a special love for quilts and every year does a section of studies about quilts and their history. They read stories about quilts, learn about quilts and their construction, and in the past made a paper quilt. This year I helped her with a presentation on the construction of quilts and took several of my own for them to see and touch. Also I helped her with her class quilt by giving each child a square of muslin ironed onto freezer paper and instructed them to draw something on it with crayons, then sign their names on their blocks with a permanent pen.

"Then I brought the blocks home, heat set the blocks, set the blocks together into a wall quilt and then quilted it by machine. So, as a result they have had a class quilt to hang in their class all year. they have been so proud of it. This has been a technique I have used with my own kids for some time. It only took one crayon getting loose in my dryer to adversely see the "permanent" effect of crayon."

Amy's quilt

Amy's quilt

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