Quilting with Children

Carole's 50 states quilt

Carole's quilt

Carole writes:

"My daughter in N.C. sent me your website because she knew my love of quilts. I couldn't wait to see your lesson plans (which, by the way, are GREAT!) . Imagine my surprise when I looked at your U. S. quilt and saw Our Square! My class in Strawberry Plains, Tennessee did the state of Missouri. Our state had been spoken for by the time we signed up.

We used graph paper and submitted designs to the class. They chose a design that placed the states omewhat geographically and in the shape of the United States. Of course, we had to put Alaska and Hawaii in as though they were part of the continent, which threw some others off a little. They decided Washington, Texas, Maine, and Florida should be in the "right" place and took some liberties with the others."

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