Quilting with Children

Collaboration Quilts

Cindy writes:

"I've made quilts for my kids teachers every year. Eight so far. This doggie quilt made by my son's third grade class was auctioned for the Dexter Educational Foundation (Michigan - near Ann Arbor)($210). One of the kids parents' got it.

Cindy's quilts

"It started as a lesson in symmetry. The kids had a folded piece of paper which they drew 1/2 of a dog head. The cut it out and added features. I made all the same size and let the kids pick their fabrics. The teacher would like another - but I'm getting help from her, and she gets to pick her alternate block fabric.

Cindy's quilts

"The calender quilt (12 squares) was Andrew's 2nd grade class. The kids teamed up to draw something that represented the month.

Cindy's quilts

"The full dogs - Kaitlin's 4th grade. This teacher was retiring and knew we were doing a quilt, but had no idea what kind. She loves dogs. The kids all drew dogs with help from the art teacher.

"All were done w/paper backed fusible web and then satin stitched. Kaitlin's 3rd grade teacher quilt is hanging in her old school. That was of memories of 3rd grade. This was this teachers first year of teaching. In Kaitlin's kindergarten class I painted the kids hands w/yellow - blue or red paint, stamped them twice (so I had one for Kaitlin too) and made blocks and put them around a red school house block in the center. This one got hand quilted (what was I thinking???)

Cindy's quilts

"Kaitlin's 5th grade. I gave the kids a copy of their first initial and told them to design it. Then scanned reversed and copied on transfer paper and ironed onto the block. Andrew's 3rd grade (same fabric that year) colored Ukranian eggs - was done the same way. I am going to try to use treated fabric next time because you can't press the transfers."

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