Quilting with Children

Jeananne's quilts made with her students

Jeananne writes:

Jeananne's quilts

"My fourth grade class and I at Zerger Elementary in Jeffereson County, Colorado have just completed this quilt. The idea was th have the quilt be serene and at the same time bursting with energy, just like John Denver. The top half of the quilt represents the peacefulness of the mountains which meant so much to him. Separating the mountains and children's art work is the "muddy" Country Road which is repeated in the border. The students worked in groups to design quilt squares that represent his songs. The children's squares are joined in a variety of ways, representative of John Denver's many interests, Charities, professional activities, and his individualistic nature. I hand quilted it over Winter Break. It has been a wonderful learning process for my students and a labor of love for me."

The quilt was part of a program presented by the students, fans, and co-workers of John Denver entitled, "An Evening with John Denver" that was presented in February. The quilt appeared in the January 15, 1998 issue of the Arvada Jefferson Sentinel and the February 26th edition of the Rocky Mountain News.

Pictured at right: Art Around the World Quilt, 1995-96

Jeananne's quilts

Oregon Trail Quilt, 1996-97

Jeananne's quilts

John Denver Memorial Quilt, 1997-98

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