Quilting with Children

Kim's third grade quilting unit

Kim Haywood from Greenbush, Maine writes:

This year my third grade class made a quilt during our quilting unit. They learned about westward expansion, immigration, and slavery through the unit. They also learned a lot about math and patterns. Our culmination project was the quilt. The class chose the theme (animals) and then they researched the animal they wanted to put on their square. They made a big book page of their animal and interesting facts about the animals. Then they drew their animal on the square and colored it with fabric markers or colored pencils. I brought the quilt home and bound it together as I didn't have any volunteers to work in the class with the students. They each took turns taking the quilt, big book, and a small quilt logbook home with them. They shared all the "stuff," and their parents and/or siblings wrote in the logbook, then they shared it with he class the next day. This was a very successful project.

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