Quilting with Children

Laura Franchini's quilt presentations

Laura writes:

"I show quilts to kindergartners every year, as part of "Q" week at our local school. I have found that they love certain things.... bright colors being the primary thing to bring with you! I have done several items with fuschia, teal, purple, black and orange that include lames and are quilted with sparkly thread and are beaded....needless to say, these are their favorites. Save them to show last, as seeing them kind of works everything up to a crescendo. They love reds, star quilts, cheerful things, cuddly things, doll quilts, etc. I bring about 2 clothes baskets full. I take things out one at a time, show them, and talk about them briefly. I move right through my presentation, and try not to take more than 20 or 25 minutes. I make every effort to make comments on the quilts that the children will enjoy. Usually, the kindergarten teacher has them bring a quilt of theirs for show and tell, which is cute, but this year they did this on a different day, and time-wise, and attention-wise, I think it worked out better this way.

"The kindergarteners seem to enjoy this every year, and so do I. I am not one to want to sit down and show someone how to hand piece, but this sharing of quilts is fun for me. I also had a box of 1"x1" fabric samples I got somewhere, and I donated this to the kindergarten, and it has enough little squares so each class for several years has been able to make little quilts glued onto construction paper. This is a good way to get rid of small mail order samples that have been haunting you."

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