Quilting with Children

Flag project

Linda writes:

"My name is Linda Speck and I teach 4th grade at Excelsior School in Roseville, Ca. As part of California history, I had each child quilt, and I mean sew/quilt, their own American Flag that looks like it was made in 1850 (31 stars), when Ca. was admitted to the Union. Each flag is approximately 36"X42" and are backed by a fabric of their choice, making it a "Flag Blanket"! There are so many teachers having children "quilt", but all of them that I have seen are not sewn by the children and each quilt made by each child. The ones I have seen are drawn with fabric crayons or fabric paint and glued together or sewn together by a parent, thus one "quilt" colored by many children!

"They started the last week of October and most finished by March 15 (the party day!). They worked on them for about 30 minutes, 3 days a week. The kids and their flag blankets are terrific!

"I am in the process of setting up a web site for this project and when I do I will send you the address! It is incredible what these 25 children have accomplished, they are very proud of themselves!"

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