Quilting with Children

Natasja's experience with foundation piecing

Natasja's quilt

Natasja Segerink writes:

We've had a workshop in school with children in the ages from 9 to 12. We'd had a workshop piecing but that was very hard work, but maybe we didn't organize it very well. So I thought that maybe foundation piecing would be easier on the kids, also because it looks nicer when it's finished. It always fits, if you know what I mean.

I had thought there wouldn't be any problems, but it was difficult for the children to gauge the pieces they would need for a certain patch. After a few problems I just told them to make the pieces a lot bigger then the patch they would need. It did go a lot better after that. I know this is not very creative but next time I'll let them make their on design on paper first.They did choose their own colors, but I gave them hints about the contrast.

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