Quilting with Children

Kindergarten quilt

Made by Sandy Shipon's 97-98 kindergarten class at the Manoa Elementary School in Havertown PA.

Kindergarten quilt

Leslie writes:

"I directed a project last year with kindergartners, that went like this:

First, the kids used fabric crayons to draw single letters on 8" by 8" squares of muslin, upper case and lower case. They decorated around the letter with pictures, as in apples for 'A' etcetera. Parents helped heat-set them. Then, also with parental assistance, the kids sewed the outlines of their letters with bright colored embroidery floss. Several parents helped sew the squares together--with upper and lower case letters and border squares, more than 100 pieces! Families of all the the students donated other pieces of fabric which were cut into squares for a border, and large colorful buttons were also sent in and affixed at the junctures of the alphabet squares as well as around the border squares. So each family was represented. Final squares were added with all the children's names hand embroidered, and the name of the school, teacher, town, and the date were cross-stitched by another mom. The final quilt measured almost 7 feet by 5 feet! The children voted to give it to our local hospital, Mercy Haverford in Havertown, PA, where it hangs in the emergency room lobby, the place where most children needing the hospital will see it."

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