Quilting with Children

Suzanne's quilting club at her school

Suzanne Agnew from Southwestern Ontario writes:

I have a Quilting Club at our local elementary school, East Williams Elementary School. This was the first year (some things will be done differently next year!), all the children were in grade seven. It was offered as an elective class and out of 25 students, 18 signed up; fifteen girls (one is my daughter) and three boys.

I brought in six different star blocks and they were allowed to choose their favourite block and their favourite colours. After that meeting I very wisely realized that I needed help; sooooo, I talked my sister and my other daughter into coming with me.

In the beginning I had all eighteen work on their block at the same time; however, I soon realized that we would get more accomplished if they came in three groups of six.

Only two of the children had done any hand sewing before so the first week they just practiced sewing. My husband and I cut their fabric out for them at home.

I must admit there were times when I wasn't sure that they would ever get the quilt pieced - but THEY DID!! The quilt top is finished and we are all going to quilt it during the summer. It is going to be hung in the school foyer in September.

They are all very proud of themselves as they should be!

Suzanne can be reached at:

Suzanne E. Agnew
Cotton-By-Post Quilting Studio
Ph: 519-232-9417 Fax: 519-232-9199

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