Quilting with Children

Barbara Robson Reviews Children's Quilt Books

Barbara writes:

There are several new children's quilt story books out just in time for Christmas. All are picture books and would make wonderful gifts.

The "Quiltmaker's Gift" is by far the best I have seen/read in my 80-plus collection of children's books that either use quilts in the story or quilts are in the illustrations. The illustrations are magical. The story is about a quiltmaker who makes quilts to give to the poor and homeleess. The greedy king desperately wants one of her quilts. So she convinces him to give away all his wordly possesions and while he does this she makes a beautiful quilt for him. The book is written by Jeff Brumbeau and is illustrated by Gail de Marcken. The publisher is Pfeifer-Hamilton, it is hardcover, ISBN is 1-57025-199-1. They have a web site at http://www.QuiltmakersGift.com. It is worth a visit. You can visit the quiltmaker and the king, there are quiltmaking activities for all ages. The other unique feature is the inside of the front cover is a poster of all the King's "things" and hidden in the poster are 250 quilt blocks. The titles are there for you to search. Really clever!

"The Alphabet Atlas" by Arthur Yorinks, illustrated by Adrienne Yorinks. It is published by Winslow Press, the ISBN is 1-890817-14-7, it too is hardcover. Each letter of the alphabet is a different country of the world and the illustrations are created using quilting techniques. Terrific use of colour and fabrics.

"The Promise Quilt" by Candace Ransome, illustrated by Ellen Boer. The publisher is Walker & Company, the ISBN is 0-8027-8694-4, it is hardcover. The story takes place during the Civil War in the U.S. When young Addie's father leaves, he promises that when he comes back she can go to school, but he doesn't come back and the school has been burned. Addie's mother makes a quilt "Lee's Surrender" which is raffled to raise money to buy books for the school. Addie's only possesion of her father's, a red flannel shirt is cut to use in the binding of the quilt.

I have no affiliation with any of these books or publishers, just wanted to share some gems!

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