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Month: June 2017

Setting Some New Design Goals

Setting Some New Design Goals

Way back in March of 2014, I wrote a post about my design goals.  I had eight different styles of shawls that I wanted to experiment with and with my new release coming out next week, I will have accomplished all of them.

They were:

  1. Bottom up construction- this became my Spring Chill shawl (an old pattern now that doesn’t reflect my current style)
  2. Top down construction- my second shawl, Vefr, fulfilled this first (also an old pattern)
  3. Rectangular reversible- my third early pattern, the Ocean Waves Stole
  4. Center panel triangular- the Kerti Shawl, published in the book Joyful Lace
  5. Crescent shaped- the Tierra Shawl is a bottom up version and the Vedru Shawl is a top down crescent
  6. Rectangular with arms and symmetrical ends- one of my favorite things I’ve designed is the Gynnes Cardigan
  7. Cowl that also works as a poncho/shrug-  this idea became the Lumi Capelet
  8. Shawl that alternates knit and crochet- and this idea became a new pattern coming out next week, a summer poncho with a crocheted border

So I think it’s time to set some new design goals.  There are a lot of things I’m excited about working on, but my ideas are expanding beyond just lace shawls.  Here are my new design goals:

  1. Create a series of eight learn to knit patterns that can be used by yarn shops, complete with student handouts and teacher notes.
  2. Develop several garments that incorporate lace and slipped stitch pattern work.
  3. Develop some accessories using Fair Isle techniques.
  4. Continue to explore lace shawls in all their many shapes.

These are a little more general than my previous goals, but reflect my current interests and goals.  The first design goal is pretty clear cut– eight pattern kits and it’s done.  The others I think I’ll call complete when I have 2-3 patterns in each category.

And if you are still wondering about that summer poncho that mixes knit and crochet, here’s a sneak peek!