My Patterns

My Patterns

Seacliff Beach Poncho

Released July 2017

Available on Ravelry and Craftsy

Wholesale printed pattern orders available, please inquire.

A cover-up for the beach or an evening out, this poncho combines the best of knit and crochet in one garment. Two rectangles are knit in a simple, garter stitch lace pattern and then stitched together to form the poncho. A single crochet border is added around the neckline and a lacy crochet fringe is worked around the border of the shawl.



Vedru Shawl

Released April 2017

Available on Ravelry and Craftsy

Wholesale printed pattern orders available, please inquire.

Vedru is a classic top down crescent shawl design perfect for using a special collection of mini-skeins. There are no complex stitches or purling in this lovely, peaceful garter stitch lace knit. The design works well with solid yarns, tonal yarns, or yarns with subtle variegation. The pattern includes directions for two sizes with six or eight stripes.



Diamond Lace Headband

Released April 2017

Available on Ravelry and Craftsy

Pull your hair back with this elegant headband in a diamond lace pattern. Tapered ends help create a more comfortable fit in this quick to knit project. Both written and charted instructions are included as well as directions for increasing or decreasing the overall circumference of the headband.




Gynnes Cardigan

Released February 2017

Available on Ravelry and Knit Picks

Gynnes is a versatile wrap cardigan with an easy to memorize lace repeat and simple construction. Worn with jeans or as part of a more elegant outfit, Gynnes makes a great transitional garment in spring or fall.

The body of cardigan is worked as two rectangles joined in the back with a three needle bind off, creating a lovely drape that highlights the stitch pattern along the collar. Sleeves are knit separately and sewn into place. The cotton/linen blend yarn means the cardigan is comfortable even if the weather is warmer than expected!


Aurora Cowl

Released January 2017

Available in Knotions

Aurora is a luxuriously soft cowl and a surprisingly simply knit. An easy to follow slipped stitch pattern in a color changing yarn across a solid background creates the impression of of arcs of color reminiscent of the Northern Lights.




Simple Mug Rub

Released January 2017

Available on Ravelry

A simple pattern designed for beginners and as a quick gift, these little four inch square mug rugs will protect your furniture from hot drinks. Make them in sets for bazaars and craft shows or as gifts.


Gusty Blustery Hat

Released November 2016

Available on Ravelry

This easy to knit hat shows off a special skein of highly variegated yarn, especially those with short or subtle color changes. A great pattern for beginners, you need only know how to join in the round, knit, purl, and work simple decreases.




Coffee Cup Cozy

Released September 2016

Available on Ravelry

Keep your beverage warm and your hand cool with this easy to knit cozy for your favorite mug. A perfect design for beginning knitters, this cozy uses almost entirely knits and purls to create a latticework design that is easily adjustable for perfect fit. This is also a great knit for bazaars and craft shows and can use up your scraps of washable worsted yarn.




Roxanne Shawl

Released July 2016

Available on Ravelry and Craftsy

Roxanne is a rectangular shawl, or stole, that celebrates life and growth. Vining flowers and heart shaped leaf motifs combine with a deeply scalloped knitted on border to create a classic lace shawl which expresses both love and hope.

This pattern begins with knitting a long, rectangular lace panel. Stitches are picked up all around this rectangle and a knitted on border is added perpendicular to the existing stitches. Both written and charted directions are given and the knitter may switch between them.

This shawl can be modified in width or length. Suggestions for how to modify the pattern are given, but details are left up to the knitter. Remember that changes in the overall length or width will change the amount of yarn used and the overall stitch count.


Kerti Shawl

Released June 2016

Available on Knit Picks

A bold geometric pattern and pointed edging make this a pattern that will really get noticed. Knit with soft cushiony Gloss Lace yarn for a shimmer that will make heads turn when you wear it. Pattern is charted.





Lumi Capelet

Released August 2015

Available on Ravelry, Craftsy, and Knit Picks

As summer days turn to fall, the cozy Lumi Capelet will keep you warm during chilly mornings. Ruched stripes alternate with a simple but elegant lace design in this easy to knit accessory.

This pattern is worked in the round from the bottom up. A garter stitch border is followed by stripes that alternate between a ruched stripe and two simple lace stripes. To make the collar, stitches are decreased and a garter stitch collar is worked back and forth.



Mayil Shawl

Released May 2015

Available on Ravelry, Craftsy, and Knit Picks

Mayil is worked as a series of flowing lace patterns with a gently scalloped edging. This top-down shawl starts with a few stitches and is shaped by columns of yarnovers along the center spine and edges. Worked in a lightly variegated yarn that adds depth to the pattern, Mayil can be worn wrapped around the neck or draped over the shoulders. The finished shawl is approximately 56”/142 cm at widest point and 24”/61 cm long at the center.


Tierra Shawl

Released January 2015

Available on Ravelry, Craftsy, and Knit Picks

Tierra is a bottom-up, crescent shaped shawl with a distinctive ruffled border and a row of gently bending flower buds on a reverse stockinette ground. Tierra may be worn draped around the shoulders as a long scarf, pinned with a shawl pin, or wrapped around the shoulders and neck on fall and winter days to remind you of things to come.

Tierra, meaning “earth,” evokes the feeling of walking in the winter woods, when the earth holds promise. A large cast on is decreased quickly, flower bud stems are created with a simple two stitch cable and bobbled top, and short rows create the crescent shape. A bobbled border at the top of the shawl echos the flower buds.