Emergency Knitting

Emergency Knitting

It’s a joke among my friends that I have “emergency knitting.”  Some people keep jumper cables and first aid kits in their cars, I keep a knitting project.  (I keep those other things, too, and snacks for the kids, and spare shopping bags….)

My emergency knitting is a ball of Dishie or Sugar N Cream, a pair of size seven cheap bamboo knitting needles, and directions for a simple dishcloth pattern (which I have memorized by now so I’m branching out to some other simple patterns).  I don’t care if it gets sand in it at the beach, or dirt on it in the woods, or food spilled on it at the park– it’s going to be a dishcloth and will see worse!

See that extra yarn over in the middle?  The ladle doesn’t care!

This is what I pick up when I’m stuck somewhere without my knitting or my current project is too precious or picky to take with me into the wild outdoors.  Just important enough to do, but not important enough to worry if it gets lost or if I mess up a bit due to inattention.  A dishcloth with an extra yarnover will still do the dishes just as well!

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