Quick Holiday Project Fun

Quick Holiday Project Fun

As I work on my new shawl design, I keep taking one day or one afternoon breaks to make quick knit or crochet projects for the holidays.  These are things that just take an hour or three but you get the buzz of accomplishment.  Here are some of the ones I’ve done so far:

A manly cowl adapted from the 1-Hour Herringbone Cowl.  This one took more than an hour but still I finished it in an afternoon.

Gecko bookmarks for the Homeless Garden Project store.  I did two in two hours, while chatting, so they are pretty fast.   I did these at a charity stitching event.  (All the other items were made by other stitchers at the charity event!)

Infinity cowl— this one took a few hours, but once you do the set up round, it’s mindless and easy!

Simple headscarf, slightly adapted from Calorimetry,  I did this in about three hours.

And finally more charity stitching goodness from our group.  I made one of the stockings (two hours with chatting), the two massaging soap holders (right hand side, about an hour each) and the crocheted cuffs/bracelets (about an hour each).

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