Project Bags

Project Bags

Over the weekend I stumbled upon this post on Ravelry with hundreds of comments from people showing off their homemade project bags.  I started “collecting” some of my favorite free designs for future sewing.  They tended to fall into a few categories.

Zippered Bags

My favorite here was the No Guts Boxy Pouch, which is a free download on Craftsy.  Really clean look and the boxy design seems it would store well.

But I also really like the Rosy Wedge Bag which also seemed like a great design but a different shape.

Drawstring Bags

There are lots of simple patterns for these as well.  I really liked the Origami Lotus Bag, also on Craftsy, because it had a little extra charm to it and I liked how it opened up flat.

But I’m intrigued by the many people who have made variations on the Lunch Bag, which has both handles and a drawstring to keep everything inside.

This Drawstring Project Bag has the added charm of a little handle so you could maybe keep a sock in there and knit standing up.

Japanese Knot Purse

This is sort of a category of its own of simple, lined, reversible bags with one long  and one short handle.  One handle slips through the other to close the bag.  There are lots of free patterns, but here is a good example.  I saw pictures of this bag design from huge to tiny, some with round, flat bottoms and others with a simpler seamed bottom.

Since I have lots of fabric from my quilting days and a few pretty things I’ve picked up at FabMo, I think some of these bags are in my future!

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