Introducing Kerti

Introducing Kerti

kerti_11 copy

I’m very excited to announce the release of my newest shawl design, the Kerti Shawl.  It was published this week in an exclusive collection by Knitpicks called Joyful Lace.  You can find the collection on the Knitpicks website and on Ravelry.

kerti_10 copyKerti is a feminine lace shawl featuring center panel with a latticework design.  The shawl is worked from the bottom up using a long, stretchy cast on.  The bottom border of points is created using a series of charted short rows for each point.  The body of the shawl is worked from charts in pairs of two, one for the side panels and another for the center panel. A garter stitch edge is knitted on to the top of the center panel.   Elongated bobble stitches called nupps add visual interest and texture.  The nupps could be replaces with beads or omitted if desired.

I really enjoyed working with Knitpicks on this publication and am proud to be part of such a beautiful collection!




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