Comfort Knitting

Comfort Knitting

Like many knitters, I often have several projects going on at once.  I always have a dishcloth going that I keep in my car for emergency knitting.  I usually have a sock project that I take with me on trips.  I have whatever I’m currently designing in another project bag.  I usually have some project (often a garment) that was designed by someone else that I’m working on.  And I often have some comfort knitting.

basket of knittingWhat is comfort knitting?  For me, it’s a project that is easy but pleasant in pattern, soothing to work because it’s simple enough that I don’t have to think, and the end result is going to be enjoyable.  Right now, that project is the Hue Shift Afghan from Knit Picks.  I’m calling mine the Love Still Wins Afghan.  In the end it will be 100 mitered squares in all the combinations of ten rainbow hues.  Once you do the initial cast on count to establish a square, the rest comes pretty easily.  The alternating colors and ever shorter rows make each square quite satisfying to finish.

What is your comfort knitting?

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